A little while back, I made a list of 10 frugal and filling snack ideas for a reader with hungry teenagers.

Since you can never really have too many snack ideas, here are ten more.

1. Yogurt

As long as you’re not buying the sugary, low-fat varieties, yogurt can be a filling, inexpensive snack.

I make yogurt with whole milk so that it has plenty of fat in it, but you can also buy whole milk yogurt at the store.

ball plastic lids for yogurt jars

Individual cups are pretty expensive per ounce, but the larger quart containers tend to be more frugal.

Of course, they come in less interesting flavors, but we like to stir jam or fruit into our yogurt.

And topping the bowl with homemade granola (try this recipe!) adds even more staying power to this snack.

2. Energy Balls

These are a little like eating oatmeal-peanut-butter cookie dough, except they have no raw egg.

They’re very easy to mix up, they keep well in the fridge, and they’re full of fat, protein, and fiber.

Here’s the energy ball recipe that I use.

3. Cottage Cheese

I know not everyone is a big cottage cheese fan, but my kids love it!  I buy the whole milk variety, and they eat it plain or topped with fruit/jam.

4. Leftovers

Snacks don’t necessarily have to be usual snack foods.  Encourage your kids to look in the fridge for leftovers if they’re hungry.

5. Rice pudding

When we have leftover rice, I simmer it with milk (and usually some heavy cream) and cinnamon until it’s a soft, pudding-ish consistency.

My kids top that with cinnamon sugar and enjoy it as a snack, warm or cold.

6. Anything with peanut butter

(or another nut butter if your kids are allergic to peanuts!)


A peanut butter sandwich, crackers topped with peanut butter, banana chunks topped with peanut butter, celery spread with peanut butter…anything with peanut butter is going to have some staying power because of the fat and protein.

7. Cheese toast

Several readers suggested topping buns or toast with slices of cheese and then broiling (or toasting in a toaster oven).  Protein, fat, and, if you use whole grain bread, fiber!

8. Toast with cream cheese and jam

A little like cheese toast, but different!  A hearty whole grain bread toasted and topped with cream cheese and jam is delicious, quick, and pretty filling.

Bonus sweet idea: graham crackers spread with cream cheese are super tasty, and as long as you can get good off-brand graham crackers, it’s an inexpensive snack.

9. Hummus

I like to dip my veggies into hummus, which makes a non-filling raw veggie snack into something that stays with me.

10. Whole grain crackers

White flour crackers and pretzels don’t have a lot of substance, but Triscuits (no sugar! 100% whole grain!), Wheat Thins, and the like offer the snacky appeal of carbs, but with fiber.

You can find pretty sweet sales on these sometimes, and of course, private label versions are inexpensive every day.

Aldi’s version of Triscuits is excellent, by the way, and super affordable.


Ok, you guys! I’m sure you’ve got more ideas to add to the 20 I came up with. Leave ’em in the comments.

Article originally posted by the frugal girl.

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