I had an appointment this morning, so I’m late to the blogging game! No pictures. But I promise this won’t continue.

1. I listed books on Amazon.com

I’ve been consistently shipping out books sold on half.com this summer.


My beloved half.com is closing forever on August 31st, so I listed some schoolbooks on Amazon and moved some of my half.com listings over to Amazon as well.

The listing process there is pretty easy, and I’m noticing that things sell faster on Amazon (I shipped two already!), probably due to the higher traffic volume.

So, maybe this won’t be a super painful switch.  We’ll see.

2. I used up the last of my bruised peach purchase.

I got another big box of bruised peaches this week, and I’ve been busily freezing them (and we’re eating a lot of them too!)

Totally worth the $15.

3. I paid a medical bill with our HSA.

We have a pretty high deductible this year, so we still haven’t met it. But luckily there IS money in our HSA to cover bills.

4. I tried to save money on Lisey’s textbooks.

Sadly, there were no deals to be found on either of the ones she needs.  And one is that annoying type that’s shrink-wrapped, hole-punched pages without a cover.  Not re-sale friendly at all, though you know I will try!

5. I…

….cooked at home, made chicken taco leftovers into a pretty darn delicious salad just now, organized my fridge so that I know what’s in it, froze extra watermelon, and redeemed my TopCashBack (affiliate link) money for an Amazon gift card (small bonus if you do that instead of cash!)

How about you? Share in the comments!

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