It’s time for another price comparison research project. This time I was trying to find the best price on frozen fruit. I am hoping these projects help you know where the best prices are!

Ever since I bought my Vitamix blender last year I have been making smoothies almost every day. My favorite is my green smoothie recipe, but I have made lots of others too. Because of my smoothie love, I am constantly buying frozen fruit. This year I thought it would save me money to freeze some fruit myself. I found out that it was a better deal for me to freeze my peaches, but not the blueberries. I could have purchased the blueberries already frozen for less money.

I gathered prices from Costco, Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer, Winco and Cash n Carry (a restaurant supply store). Then typed them up on a spreadsheet, compared prices and figured out where the best deals were for as many frozen fruit varieties I could find.

Here are the results.



I also created a spreadsheet you can view that shows regular price, brands, the price per bag, and gallon size of bags from the 6 stores.  Feel free to print this out, and keep it in your purse/wallet as a reference guide.

Did you notice that the majority of the time Costco is the winner?? Yep, they have some amazing prices on frozen fruit.

Strawberries, Pineapple, and Blueberries came in at the lowest prices at Costco. In fact I am amazed because a u-pick blueberry farm this year in my area had prices at $3.00 per lb. At Costco it is only $2.20 per lb. — that is less than I would pay locally. I am just shocked.

Hope you enjoyed this research project. And hope it saves you time and money.

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