It’s that time of year again where you wave your child off as a proud parent that you are, as it’s their first day back at school. However, this also means that its that time of year where you have to spend a fortune on school uniform. At tinaraekelly, we understand the pain of having to search high and low for the best prices, which is why we love to help our customers. We can’t tell you where to go to get your uniform as everyone has their own uniform needs but we can tell you how you are going to get your money worth and make your child’s uniform last!


Whether it’s the first day of school or last day of term, the last thing you want is your child to come home covered in stains. However, kids will be kids and somehow they will come home covered in stains. Here are a few homemade remedies that will bring the stain out of your child’s uniform making it look crisp new.

Ink – Gently spray a bit of hairspray onto the stain and gently dab it with a damp cloth, do not rub the stain. Keep dabbing the stain until the stain comes out completely. If you wash the shirt with a bit of ink remaining it will set the stain.

Grass – Rub a bit of white non-gel toothpaste with a soft toothbrush onto the stain. Allow the toothpaste to set overnight before putting it in the wash the next day.

Allow growth

It’s guaranteed that your child will grow a few inches throughout the year which mean you may have to splash out another small fortune. If you’re handy with wonder web or know anyone that is, then perhaps turn over the ends of your child’s uniform so you can lengthen it each time they grow. You could also reuse any old short trousers and make a pair of shorts for the summer.

30 wash

Washing your child’s uniform on a 30 will help them to last longer and save you energy. But, always check labels first.

Ladders in Tights

Simply spray hairspray lightly over your daughter’s tights before she wears them. If she already has a ladder and you don’t want to make it any worse apply come clear nail varnish over it to protect the fibres.

Lose buttons

Gently dab a small amount of clear nail varnish over the button to strengthen the thread.

Stretched jumpers

Add extra elastic around the waist and sleeves of your child’s jumper to add extra support.

White washes

Make sure you wash your child’s white shirts or socks together. Removing stairs beforehand and pre-soaking will also help with keeping your uniform looking new.

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