Graduation season is around the corner and it’s time to start prepping for graduation party time!

This year my twins will be graduating from high school. I know, I know! Crazy, right? It was only yesterday…..sniff, sniff. So this June I will be having my first ever graduation party at my new house. And I don’t even have my grass in yet. There is much to do. And I’m of course on a budget. So I’ve been researching ways to save money while still having a really great party. After all, graduation parties should be more about celebrating your loved ones rather than spending money. I know I’d rather spend more money on a graduation present or buying my kiddos college bound stuff. So hopefully these tips will help you and me stick to our budgets!

Tips To Have A Graduation Party On A Budget

1. Host a potluck!

Instead of spending a ton of money on food for the party, consider hosting a potluck! Most people don’t mind bringing a dish and this takes a lot of the financial stress off you, the host. It’s also a great way to get a nice variety of food! Even if you don’t need a ton of food for the party, you can have people bring things like drinks, paper plates, etc. to help out with the financial load!

2. Photos!

Instead of spending money on graduation party decorations at big box stores, make your own! Something like a string and a few clothing pins hanging black and white photos of the grad’s life all throughout the venue is a great way to get people reminiscing and celebrate your loved one’s accomplishments. I’m thinking about doing this one myself. You could also cut out cardboard in the shape of the year of their graduation and cover it in photos as a nice centerpiece!

3. Chalkboards!

This is a great way to stay on theme for your graduation party and you can chalkboard paint just about anything you have lying around! Turn old picture frames into chalkboards featuring the grad’s accomplishments, future plans, etc.

4. DIY invitations!

There are tons of expensive options for invitations everywhere but you can save a ton of money by doing them yourself. If you aren’t super artistic, there are free graduation party invitation templates online. If you have someone artistic in the family, consider having them whip something up for you on Photoshop or another graphic design program. I often check for inexpensive templates as well.

5. Photo booth!

Consider setting up a small photo booth area for everyone to take fun pictures with the grad! This is a great way to create memories for them to look back on for a lifetime. Small props add a touch of fun to your graduation party!

What other things do you like to add to your graduation party celebrations to make memories? You doing a grad party this year too?

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