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I’ve been earning money by writing articles for It’s really easy to get started with them; you sign up with your email address and a password and then you have to submit a short writing sample. They “grade” your writing (Levels 1-5), and your payment per word is determined by your writing level.

As you submit more articles, your writing level can change based on what the editors think of your writing. I’m at level 4 (Level 5 is for “professional writers” only) and get 1.5 cents per word.

It’s not super fabulous pay, but I usually choose articles that are really easy to put together without doing much research, and I’m happy with the amount per hour I end up making (about $12/hour or so–though it obviously varies). I don’t think anyone would get rich writing for them, but it can provide a decent little bit of side income. -Mary

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