If you’re looking for a quick way to boost the value of your home before selling (one that doesn’t, say, involve a full kitchen reno), you’re in luck. It turns out a simple coat of paint can add more than $5,000 to your home’s selling price, and no (thank God), we’re not talking beige.

Cool tones are the way to go, especially blue-gray, slate and cerulean according to a Zillow analysis of 32,000 home photos, which found that light blue bathrooms increased the value of a home around $5,440, while white and beige bathroom were worth $4,035 less.

Blue bedrooms could increase a home’s value by $1,856, and dining rooms in shades of blue ranging from dark navy to slate blue added $2,000 to the home’s price tag.

One place to be cautious? The kitchen. While light blue and blue-gray kitchens currently come with a price increase of $1,800, just last year yellow kitchens were all the rage (but they now actually reduce a home’s value by $820).

It’s pretty crazy to think that simply painting your bathroom can result in such a huge jump in price, especially since if you’re painting it yourself, there’s no way the cost of materials and time will even approach $5,000.

That’s a lot cheaper than putting in new floors or other major home improvements, and if you paint all of the recommended rooms, you could be seeing a significant jump in your home’s selling price — which means you’ll have some extra cash to use in your new digs.

Original Post from: http://www.sheknows.com/home-and-gardening/articles/1134435/paint-color-increase-home-value-study

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