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What I Spent

I started off with my Hungry Harvest box.

I spent $31.42 at non-Aldi stores, and $42.96 at Aldi.

So, I’m at $99.38.

Oh, wait. I got a box of bruised peaches at the produce stand for $10, (probably my last one for the season!) so, actually I’m at $109.

September Spending

Week 1: $121

Week 2: $109

What We Ate


My Hungry Harvest box gave us 4 yellow peppers, so it seemed like a good time to make a shrimp and pepper stir fry.

shrimp and red pepper stir fry recipe
Photo obviously from a time when I had red peppers instead of yellow


This is the day we got our Dinnerly box! Sonia and Zoe made the sausage meatballs and spaghetti.

We also had a green salad, made with the lettuce from my Hungry Harvest box.


This is the night we had the grass-fed beef tacos from the Dinnerly box.

I also made a strawberry/peach salad, and I cut up some watermelon.


Sonia and I made the veggie pizzas from our Dinnerly box.

These ended up being my favorite Dinnerly meal! The crust is naan, topped with a spinach/ricotta mixture, and then a sauteed red onion and red pepper mixture.

Easy, vegetable-ful, and delicious. I will totally make these again.

(More coming about Dinnerly next week.)


Since we had pizza last night, I really don’t think we want to have pizza again.  So, I think I’ll come up with an easy meal instead.  Maybe breakfast for dinner is calling my name.


What have you been eating this week?

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