Want a small glimpse behind the scenes here at Hip2Save.com?

A few weeks ago, our team gathered together from all over the country at Collin’s lake house on our Hip2Save retreat for some fun team building, and to focus on our common goal of creating the highest quality content for our readers!

Here are some of my favorite Hip2Save retreat highlights!
Hip2Save Team Building

Although we communicate daily online, some of us had not met in person, so completing some silly ice breakers was fun! Getting to know everyone in person was such a major highlight for me!

Collin and Bryn’s mom, Susan, helped us do this crazy game where you transfer life savers from one to another using just toothpicks. So hilarious! We laughed so hard.

Inspiring Guest Speaker

Courtney Brown, owner of Cents of Style, stopped by to share her inspiring story and gave us encouragement surrounding the development of our own team’s goals and mission statement.

She also brought some beautiful fall accessories to share and taught us a few different ways to wear and style scarves! Yippee!

Collin and Courtney also did a live video together on Facebook – WATCH HERE.

Craft Time

One night we took a break from work and completed this fun and easy coffee mug craft using dollar store mugs (Yes, these LARGE mugs were just a buck!), oil based Sharpie markers, and vinyl cut outs as a stencil. I cut the vinyl stickers ahead of time using my Cricut machine and brought them with me.

In order to get the oil based Sharpie to stay, first let them dry overnight, then I recommend baking in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours. I thought this article was helpful on the topic of Sharpie Mugs.

Keep in mind, regular Sharpie markers will rub off, so use oil based ones or ceramic markers and hand wash only.

Lets EAT!

Feeding a large group can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be complicated! We took turns cooking simple yet delicious dinners. I baked a couple pans of Hamburger Sliders in the oven and everyone dished up their own with desired toppings. Get the easy recipe HERE.

If you love buffalo chicken favors, then you’ll love this low carb Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup recipe. It’s tangy & cheesy, but has a rich creamy texture and broth. We all LOVED it!

Who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs? Some of the girls made these delicious low carb Parmesan Keto Meatballs one night along with roasted spaghetti squash, regular pasta (for those eatin’ the carbs) and fresh salad on the side. It was SO DELICIOUS!

Lots of Bonding & Laughs

In case you’re wondering, Collin, and her sister, Bryn, are just as fun and genuine in person as they are online! We all had the best time taking walks, sharing about life in general, drinking lots of coffee (and I mean LOTS!), and laughing until we cried!  Some of us may have arrived as co-workers, but definitely left as friends. (Sounds cheesy, but it’s so true!) 

I know I can speak for the entire Hip2Save team – we have the BEST jobs EVER!

Many of us work remotely from home all over the U.S. and are extremely grateful for this opportunity. More importantly, we are ALL passionate about our individual roles at Hip2Save and hope to continue inspiring YOU to save money through sharing all the best deals, frugal tips, budget-friendly recipes and much more!

On a personal note: It was such an inspiring experience to be around extremely smart, talented, funny women all week, and was truly something that I’ll personally never forget.

Stay tuned for many wonderful things happening here at Hip2Save in the future! Go team! 🙌

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